Did you know…

Our Family and Bereavement Support team (FABS) provide one-to-one emotional support to patients, carers and those bereaved through a life-limiting illness.

Feelings of loss and grief can begin the moment a life-limiting diagnosis is received- not just when someone important to us has died. Our emotional support recognises that these feelings associated with grief and a life-limiting diagnosis are a natural and normal response to loss. We give you support in a confidential space, to explore thoughts and feelings around your grief, and to explore new ways of coping.

We provide six one-to-one listening support sessions with patients, carers and those whom are bereaved in a range of settings: at our Therapy and Information Centre on Finkle Street, in people’s homes including care homes, as well as in community locations including hospitals across West Cumbria.

People using our service have said:

“The hospice staff are very knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and educated in what they do.

“From the first day I entered the Hospice building I felt a warmth and welcome that gave me confidence to express my inner angst”

“It has given me freedom to vent, trust and open up. Hospice has been the best service offered to me”

“Through talking and listening, they made me feel I could trust them to help me move to a better emotional place.”

For more information about the support we offer, you can contact our Family and Bereavement team at 01900 705200