From the 20th to the 27th March we are proud to support National Complementary Therapy Week.

Word is out: Reflexology rocks. There’s been mumblings for a number of years about how great this is, and now it is being shouted. We’re being inundated with requests for, “that reflexology”.

“That reflexology… that so-and-so told me about.”

“He says it’s great. He says I should give it a go”.

…or words to that effect. The thing about reflexology is, apart from feeling utterly divine to receive, is that it works on so many different levels.

Research suggest that reflexology directly stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. When this happens, our heart rate slows and the release of adrenaline is inhibited. In other words, the opposite of the ‘fight or flight’ response occurs, and instead a more helpful ‘rest and digest’ response is triggered. It’s very difficult to resist the invitation to relax during reflexology. And deep relaxation is what we observe time after time. It’s like a soft, comfy blanket envelopes us and whispers, ‘come on…this way’. That way being a deep, cosseting, nurturing, restorative, held and safe place in which the mind and the body can truly take what they need from the experience. An oasis in troubled times.

The approach we take with reflexology at Hospice at Home West Cumbria, particularly with patients, is quite different to what some might have experienced in a reflexology session. Our mantra is, “less is more”. The approach is feather-light, rhythmical and energy based and is called ‘adapted’ to be safe for patients no matter what stage of their palliative journey they are at. The therapist’s hands perform a slow, flowing, intuitive dance on the client’s feet and this dance is different every time.

It’s little wonder that we have a waiting list for this wonderful therapy.

Hats-off for reflexology!….or is that socks-off????

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