When Peter Scott, 43,  from Whitehaven saw our appeal for people to become sunflower supporters, he decided to take it one step further.

Peter Scott - sunflower growing #3

As well as donning a sunflower badge for a photograph and making a donation, he decided to show his support by planting sunflower seeds and will keep us posted with their progress.

Peter Scott - Sunflower growing #1

Peter said ‘I planted my Sunflowers when lock down first started and I am looking forward to watching them grow and flower.  Every day they remind me of the fantastic ongoing work that all at Hospice at Home West Cumbria are doing:  supporting our loved ones in these extra difficult times. I am proud to be a Sunflower supporter’

Peter has been a great supporter of Hospice at Home West Cumbria events and was persuaded into taking part in our Hospice Talent show as a judge back in November 2018.

To join Peter in supporting us, you don’t need to get green fingered but you could join the sunflower supporters by taking a selfie or a picture of your family or pets with a sunflower or a picture of a sunflower and tag us in your social media posts.

To find out how else you can support us, click  HERE