Not everyone who needs hospice care is able to access it. We believe everybody has the right to hospice care. Our vision is that all people in West Cumbria have timely access to personalised high quality palliative and end of life care.

We’re joining hospices across the UK to support the Open Up Hospice Care campaign. Led by national hospice and palliative care charity Hospice UK, the campaign is aimed at widening access to the vital support hospices provide for people with life-limiting conditions and those who care for them.

Collectively hospices in the UK provide vital care to 200,000 people with terminal or life-limiting illnesses every year, as well as providing support for many of their loved ones.

One in four people in the UK miss out on the care they need according to research by the national charity – due to a range of reasons including: late or a lack of referrals to hospice services and low levels of awareness about hospice care and where and when this support is available.

At the end of a person’s life, we only have one chance to get it right.

But for one in four families in the UK today, hospice care isn’t an option. People are dying in places they don’t want or need to be, longing for the warmth of their own beds.  Many families are left traumatised, with little or no support at the time they need it most. That’s why it’s vital we’re there to support every family in need.

Over 70% of funding for the UK hospice movement comes from supporters like you. With your help, we can Open Up Hospice Care to everyone, whoever and wherever they are.

Home nursing is at the heart of what we do

For Hospice at Home West Cumbria home nursing is at the heart of what we do  – 365 days a year.  We also provide wide-ranging support for both people with life-limiting conditions and their families, including: complementary therapies, emotional support and lymphoedema care. We listen, understand and treat people with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Like hospices across the UK we must raise over 70% of our funding through donations and fundraising activities to deliver these vital and valued services. We need to raise over £1M this year and every year to continue to provide our hospice at home care 24/7, wherever it is needed in West Cumbria.  With your support we can Open Up Hospice Care to those who need us in our local communities.

Watch this short film to find out more about the work of hospices across the country: