Paul Reed, from Maryport had been thinking of a way he could raise money for a local charity at this time, and decided to support Hospice at Home West Cumbria.

He thought about the different ways he could raise money from home.

I chose the charity because it’s close to home and the work they do is amazing.  I shaved my head in the first few days of lockdown but not long after, I saw other people shaving their heads for various causes and was gutted that I’d missed out on raising money shaving mine”

Paul joked, “I was initially thinking of getting my back waxed, but realised there wasn’t enough wax strips left in the county to do it. I decied to grow my hair and get a funny haircut instead. I went for the Ronaldo haircut because, let’s face it, it’s pretty funny!”

Paul added, “It’s awful and could possibly cost me my marriage as my wife Becky hates it! As the total got towards £500, I said I would sport the look for 5 weeks!

 As the sponsors rolled in, Paul pledged to order some wax strips online and wax both his back and chest if he reached £1,000.

It wasn’t long until he reached that total!


Paul said “Becky was gutted about the hair-cut, but then she realised she would have the opportunity to wax my chest and back, I started getting nervous with the grin she was giving me. Once I got to £1,000, the wax strips were ordered. I ordered 40 strips, and thought, surely that’s enough?! I asked Becky and she said to get some more just in case. Two days later they were here. 70 wax strips later and I was done. It was one of the worst things I’ve ever endured. It was absolutely awful. At around wax strip 50, Becky discovered she had been doing them wrong! No wonder there was blood, but it was done, and I’d raised over £1,000

Paul added, “The bleeding and the bruising have all been worth it. I still wonder why people look at me funnily in the street and then I remember that I’ve still got this ridiculous hair cut!”

We want to say a massive thank you to Paul for going through this to support us and raising over £1,100!

You can contribute to his fundraising page HERE