A three-year-old boy who attends St Bridget’s School in Egremont, has set up a fundraising challenge; ‘Ernie’s August Cycling challenge’.

Last week, some of our Fundraising and Marketing Team had the privilege of three-year-old, Ernie who has is taking part in his own fundraising challenge: ‘Ernie’s August Cycling challenge’.

Ernie and his family attended the St Bees Triers charity night, where local hero, Gary McKee was giving a talk on his 365 marathons in 365 days challenge. From this night, Ernie was memorised and truly inspired, later asking his family if he could cycle 30 miles, like Gary’s children.

So far, Ernie has cycled an incredible 27 miles, and planning on continuing for as long as he can. Originally, Ernie had a target of 31 miles, but with his incredible determination, and the amount of fun he is having, he is continuing for as long as he can.

Ernie’s Grandad, Bomble, is the current Seascale Golf Club Captain who is a regular fundraiser for Hospice at Home West Cumbria. Ernie has followed in his Grandad’s footsteps and chosen to raise funds for the charity.

Ernie said “I want to raise money to help people and because I enjoy riding really fast on my bike and I like getting an ice cream afterwards”

To make a donation to Ernie’s challenge, please click HERE