Following National Poetry Day earlier in October we are reflecting on the amazing work by our nurses, staff, patients and support groups who, led by The Wordsworth Trust have taken part in poetry workshops and have created some wonderful poems which emulate the feelings and experiences of the group involved.

As homage to National Poetry Day and the amazing people involved in the poetry workshops, please find all the poems created so far, including the latest creation, ‘Reflections’ penned by the Whitehaven Support Group… (Click each poem to read)


Seeking Sanctuary in Times Past


New Life Begins

Dying Matters


I am a Nurse


The care we give is holistic, as part of our work offering palliative care to people with life limiting illnesses we are committed to enhancing life. Being creative can enhance well-being and lead us to discover gifts we didn’t know we possessed.

Used positively, words have the power to soothe and to offer healing; to enlighten and encourage; to inspire and to move emotionally. Individuals from all walks of life can be inspired by the power of poetry. At the end of the workshops everyone was amazed they had written the poetry together, using their memories and emotions.