Welcome to day five of Hospice Care Week 2019

We couldn’t be without the support of volunteers who give up their time and share their skills and experiences to help us to continue to deliver our vital services in West Cumbria.

But what does it take?

It takes…. enthusiastic and compassionate individuals

It takes… 212 volunteers

It takes…  over the year over 17,000 hours  (not including volunteer hours at our fundraising events)

It takes…. 12 Trustees, 8 volunteer receptionists at our Finkle Street Centre, 144 fundraising volunteers, 9 patient support volunteers,  13 family and bereavement support volunteers, 90 retail volunteers and 11 volunteer van drivers

Volunteer stories

We were delighted to welcome Graduates from Sellafield this week who volunteered their time as part of their community engagement programme. They helped us to transform our reception area where we meet with donors and fundraisers and have made a calming, welcome space. They also helped us understand and utilise some of our IT systems more efficiently, as well as developing a presentation for us to display in our waiting area.  We really appreciated their contribution, thank you!


We asked our volunteer co-ordinater Teresa, ‘Why do you do what you do?’

Because I love my job, it’s a pleasure to work with so many amazing people giving up their time to support their local charity.  I’m extremely proud of all of our volunteers and they make my job worthwhile’

If you are interested in volunteering and would like to find out more about the fantastic opportunities available, please contact Teresa on 01900 873173 or email info@hhwc.org.uk or click on the ‘How you can help’ section on this website.