Teresa McCall is our Volunteer Coordinator at Hospice at Home West Cumbria and her role at Hospice is to recruit volunteers and allocate them to the various volunteer opportunities we have at Hospice that interest them. She is currently working from home, keeping in touch with the volunteers and making plans for volunteer recruitment going forward.

With her daughters, Imogen, 9 and Niamh,7 they have been taking part in our 2.6 challenge where they had to choose activities based around the numbers 2.6 or 26, set themselves a target for doing them and get people to sponsor them for carrying them out. This challenge was inspired by the 26 mile London Marathon which had to be cancelled.

Teresa said “We wanted to take part in the challenge for this amazing charity.  I wanted to get the girls thinking and doing new things with schools being closed and make this a lockdown adventure. Since starting on Sunday 26th April we worked through the alphabet, doing either do 26 seconds, 26 minutes or doing an activity 26 times.  We had such a laugh discussing what we wanted to do. Some days we have done more than one activity and are adding more things to our list all the time”

 Here is they list they have worked through!…

A – Art – Spending 26 minutes making some art to sell to raise money for Hospice at Home West Cumbria

B – Balance on one leg, bounce, bake, books

C – Catch, circus skills, count, copy each other, climb the stairs

D – Dance, draw, dream (what we would like to do), dinosaurs (Imogen is dinosaur mad, so we have to do something), declutter

E – Exercise, embrace

F – Follow each other, fitness, festival activities, frog jumps

G – Girly time, give something

H – Happy (make each other happy), Hoola hoop, hug, hop

I – I spy, Items (declutter and pick 26 items to donate to Hospice at Home West Cumbria when the charity shops reopen)

J – Jump, jokes, jumping jacks

K – Kick a ball, kindness

L – Laugh, lean, learn something new

M – Mummy cuddles, meditation, mud fight

N – Naughty or nice

O – Outside twirls, origami

P – Poem, play, praise each other, positive thoughts, Pilates, pamper

Q – Quiz, quiet

R – Run, roll, read, relax

S – Smile, star jumps, sing, spend time together, sew, snuggles

T – Talk non-stop, telephone a friend or family, take time for yourself, tidy up, tickle fight

U – Umbrella twirling, understanding something new

V – Vindaloo – sing the song, video call friends or family

W – Write to 26 people via letter or messenger or other communication app, wash the dishes, workout

X – Xmas (Christmas tree and jumpers and will probably wait to celebrate on 25th May)

Y – Yodel, Yoga

Z – Zoo (pretend to be 26 different animals)

We think Teresa, Niamh and Imogen had some fantastic ideas on their list!

Teresa said “We’ve really enjoyed taking part in the challenge as a family and it’s been nice doing a variety of different activities that we wouldn’t normally have done”


There’s still time to contribute to their Just Giving page click HERE

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