The Local Business Charity Awards (Cumbria) are an opportunity for local Cumbrian charities to recognise the local community who support them. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank some of our supporters who really go the extra mile in their support. This is the first year these awards have take in place in Cumbria and they are being sponsored by Jelf.

Joanne Brown delivering 'Bags of Sunshine close up sqIndividual Award We have nominated Joanne Brown for the Individual Award category in the Local Business Awards. Joanne and her husband started ‘Be Your Own Hero’ as an umbrella under which friends, family and colleagues were encouraged to raise funds for Hospice at Home West Cumbria. Almost £20,000 has been raised for our charity, helping to support patients and carers. We are incredibly grateful for such fabulous support.






Kaefer ImageJelf Award We have nominated KAEFER Ltd for the JELF Award in the Local Business Awards following their tremendous support for our work. Colleagues from across the entire organisation have got involved in our events, throwing themselves into everything with gusto! We are very grateful for their support.

These amazing supporters are already winners to us so we will be keeping our fingers crossed our nominees make the shortlist before the awards final on Thursday 6th June.