Today, we celebrate National Tea Day and divert our attention to a local inspiration!

National Tea Day focuses on inspiring special moments with tea, and there is nobody who deserves recognition more than Bill Arnott, or as some of you know him as ‘Bills Brews’.

Bill has supported local fundraising hero, Gary McKee throughout his 365-marathon challenge so far, by offering tea, coffee, snacks, hot water bottles and more at mile points along the route.

Bill has been offering his services every single day, from the boot of his car, showing the true meaning of community spirit. Bill services have enabled the runners, bikers, and walkers the chance to re-charge and meet new people, tying in perfectly with the ‘National Tea Day’ slogan “Brew more, do more”.

Ellie Mcmillan, Communications Co-ordinator said “What an honour it was to meet Bill earlier this year. Bill has supported Gary and everyone who joins him everyday, despite the weather to ensure everyone is re-charged, safe and well to continue their run, cycle or walk. He truly is an inspiration to all, and really shows the importance of community spirit”.

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