Welcome to day one of Hospice Care Week 2019

Home nursing is at the heart of Hospice at Home West Cumbria and we are the sole provider of adult hospice nursing in West Cumbria.

But what does it take to deliver the service 24/7, 365 days a year?

It takes… 3 senior hospice nurses to plan care for patients and plan sessions to train and support our nurses.

It takes… 3 amazing women in the clinical admin office to keep us on track, without whom we couldn’t possibly do our job.

It takes… 5 willing people to be on call  24/7,  365 days of the year.

It takes… 19 dedicated nurses, to work 919 night shifts,  409 day shifts, to drive many miles each year, to give 9,549 hours of care and support.

We asked some of our nurses why they do what they do…

‘I do what I do because sometimes people need a day off from dying. To be able to meet your patient and their family and be positive – to bring laughter and a smile – to reminisce with them about their life and to help them plan their future.       I am given the privilege of being allowed into a patient’s home; perhaps to sit in silence, holding their hand at what is going to be one of the saddest times of their lives. And for them to say, when will you be back?   How could you not be a Hospice at Home nurse – to give advice, information, administer medication and bring calm? To be accepted as part of their family for one night and be told that you don’t feel like a stranger? It is a wonderful experience that no other organisation can offer a nurse and the ongoing support is fantastic. Why would you work anywhere else?’


Hospice at Home west Cumbria is an invaluable service that benefits the people of West Cumbria. It enables people at the end of their life to stay at home if possible and if they choose to do so.     As a Nurse I am able to help to make this possible by giving support to patients and their families. Assist with symptom control and deliver personal care.    I have worked as a nurse for Hospice at home West Cumbria since 2011.    During this time I have met so many amazing people. Patients and Families who are spending their last days or hours together.  I chose to do this role to help make the experience of losing a loved one easier for the wonderful community of west Cumbria.

Hospice Nurse

‘When you join Hospice at Home West Cumbria you can’t help but feel very passionate about achieving our goal to provide excellent palliative care to individuals & their families with life limiting illnesses in our local area of West Cumbria.    I am a Hospice nurse because I feel it is a privilege to be with these individuals & their families at their most vulnerable time which is often the last few weeks, days or even just hours of life and providing them with the individual care & comfort they deserve. ‘

The home nursing team are often referred to as ‘Angels’ by patients and their families and they are a true credit to Hospice at Home West Cumbria.