Welcome to day two of Hospice Care Week 2019

We pride ourselves in out Family and Bereavement Support services which are available before and after bereavement. The team helps with coping, loss, grief and bereavement in one to one sessions, and group support sessions.

But what does it take to offer our Family and Bereavement Support services?

It takes… caring and compassionate individuals, both staff and volunteers

It takes… volunteers committing to 50 hours specialist training to become a FABS volunteer

It takes… group and one to one sessions for patients, carers and bereaved family and friends in various locations around West Cumbria including in their own homes or residential home.

It takes… people coming together to connect with others going through similar experiences and feelings

The FABS service is available free of charge  and is available before and after bereavement and for as long as needed.

We asked…’Why do you do what you do’?

‘Hospice at Home West Cumbria is an organisation that truly has the needs of the service users at the heart of everything that it does.   I am able to offer emotional support to people at a time when they are at their most vulnerable. By working alongside the wider clinical team we ensure that care and support is holistic and timely. Knowing that this support I and the wider FABS team offer makes a difference is my motivation’