We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to the family of the late Maureen Laybourne from Egremont, who have given us permission to share their personal experience of the recent support received from Hospice at Home West Cumbria. Here, Maureen’s daughter  Emma shares their story.

Mum’s Story

Mum was a very proud lady. As she often said, “Mentally I feel 21, physically 200.”

She had various ailments that made getting around or doing the things she wanted very difficult. Her house was set up with aids to help her be as independent as possible. As me and my sisters lived close by there was always help on hand.

Mum dozed in her chair day and night, lying flat in bed was just too uncomfortable. On May 12th mum was admitted to hospital with heart difficulties, she was in for 10 days. During a zoom chat with mum it became apparent that she was deeply unhappy and that her general health and well-being had deteriorated dramatically. We were desperate for her to return home.

After a lot of phone calls the lady in discharge at the hospital performed a miracle, she put everything in place for mum to be able to return home.  

On May 22nd Mum returned to her home with an End of Life care plan in place. Carers came in four times a day and for the first weekend we had Hospice at Home nurses.

The first hospice nurse Lynn, arrived on the Friday evening; she was a friendly reassuring face. After introducing herself to mum she explained to us all the role of Hospice at Home West Cumbria. She put us and more importantly mum, at ease. Mum was in charge of what she wanted and needed.

Although mum tried going to bed within an hour she was back in her chair watching News 24. She was happy. Having the hospice nurse staying meant that we could sleep; safe in the knowledge that mum was well cared for.

Lisa, another hospice nurse, stayed with mum for the following two nights. She was professional, warm and caring. It didn’t feel like having a stranger in the house, it felt like a friend enabling mum to be at home.

All of the hospice nurses involved with our family gave us peace of mind and comfort. We knew mum was receiving great care in her own home. They were devoted to the job they were doing and the person they cared for. We were and are thankful for their support.

On the Monday mum had a fun morning, we were laughing and joking as my sister Vanessa cut her hair. We talked about birthdays coming up and Christmas!

During the afternoon mum fell asleep in her chair, she didn’t wake up. She flitted in and out of consciousness. Sue from Hospice at Home arrived at 9:30pm, the district nurses were with mum. Sue introduced herself to us and then went in to see mum and the nurses. Once the district nurses had left, Sue made mum comfortable. Over the next hour we had the opportunity to sit with mum and talk, Sue reassured us that mum could hear us. 

Mum passed away peacefully at home on Monday evening surrounded by ‘her girls’.

As a family we will be ever grateful for the support and care that we were given by all the dedicated team that is Hospice at Home West Cumbria.

If you have any queries regarding the services provided by Hospice at Home West Cumbria, you can contact our Clinical Team on 01900 705200.