Day 5 of National Volunteers Week 2020 and we have really enjoyed hearing from our volunteers about why they decided to volunteer and their experience of it.

Meet Judith.

My name is Judith Gale and I have been volunteering as a Family and Bereavement Support (FABS) volunteer with Hospice at Home West Cumbria for 5 years.

Why do you volunteer for Hospice at Home West Cumbria?

I volunteer because it’s a way to give back, giving something valuable back to the local community. That’s a big part of it for me. Hospice at Home West Cumbria works for West Cumbria. Whitehaven is my home town but I now live in Seascale. The people of West Cumbria are amazing, and it’s a good feeling to try and help in some way.


What are the best things about volunteering for Hospice at Home West Cumbria?

 I like the fact that I can use my skills to help people, and that they are appreciated within Hospice at Home. Volunteers in the area that I work in are given training and we have regular supervision meetings. There is a strong bond which has grown within the team. Hospice at Home West Cumbria is highly regarded within the local community and I feel proud to be part of my team.


Do you have a memorable experience of volunteering for Hospice at Home West Cumbria that you would like to share?

 Every time that a client says ‘Thank you, you have helped me so much’ that is memorable to me. Seeing people move on with their lives after bereavement is very satisfying.


If someone asked you about volunteering for Hospice at Home West Cumbria, what would you say?

 It gives me a chance to use my skills, for a worthwhile purpose.


We’d like to say a huge thank you to Judith and all of our FABS volunteers for their contribution to Hospice at Home West Cumbria.


If you would like more information about becoming a volunteer, please contact Teresa McCall our Volunteer Coordinator on to register your interest and she will get back to you.