We Need Your Tick

How would you like to hear from us?

We really value our relationship with you and would like to stay in touch.

Due to changes in data protection legislation, we soon won’t be able to contact you about any of our activities unless we have your explicit consent to keep in touch with you. In other words, if you would like to receive news and updates on our events, campaigns and successes, we need your tick!

Why are we doing this now?

By making this change and only contacting you in the way you choose, you receive the information you want in the way that you are happy with and we can be more cost effective with our marketing activity. It also means we’re ahead of the game when it comes to any future changes to data protection legislation.

What does a tick from you mean?

You hear from us how you want to, whether by post, phone or email. You could choose all of these options, or just one or two of them – it’s up to you.

Please tick all applicable boxes, complete the below form and return to us at the address listed or email it to info@hhwc.org.uk

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