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Fundraising in Schools

One in three people will be touched by hospice care at some point in their lives so working with a charity like us is a great way to help children understand some pretty big issues that they may find themselves facing within their family unit as they grow up.

Because we are the only hospice provider in this area, all money raised stays local and your pupils can see the direct impact of their support. Getting involved with a local charity enables the school to give back to their own community and supports the principles of good citizenship that you already teach within the curriculum.

We already work with lots of school within the area and everyone involved has found it hugely rewarding and lots of fun.

How do we get involved?

There are lots of ways to get involved, from small scale activities to longer term projects and events. You may want to organise a sponsored activity, hold a fashion show or host your very own Mini Colour Run. The possibilities are endless.

For more information call Hospice at Home West Cumbria on 01900 873173.

Let us help you, help us!

Whatever you decide to do, we are here to help. Our fundraising team can offer advice with planning, assistance with marketing or we can speak to the local press on your behalf. We can provide promotional materials, come and take photographs or even lend a hand on the day. By working together, we can maximises the chances of success and help your pupils get as much as possible from the experience.

If you are interested in any of the activities in our fundraising guide or would like to talk to a member of our fundraising team please call 01900 873173 or email

So what have our local Schools been up to lately?


Bright and sunny skies had pupils from Orgill Primary School reaching for their colourful sunglasses on Thursday as they hosted their very own Mini Colour Run. Around 180 pupils, aged from two to eleven, dashed through clouds of colour as they tore around the 1k course, marked out on the school playing field. Stations were manned by parents and staff members and the children were cheered on by a crowd of over 200. Children from every year group took part and even those who weren’t running joined in the fun and hollered encouragement from the side-lines. Some of our youngest ever participants were helped round by older children and parents. At only two years old we think you deserve an extra special cheer. Guys – you were awesome!

Julie Irving, Head Teacher said, “We are delighted to have been invited to work with Hospice at Home West Cumbria and take part in our very first Colour Run. The children are all very excited – and so are the staff! We like to provide lots of opportunities for our children and their parents to get involved and the response to this particular event has been phenomenal. There are children from every year group taking part and there’s a real community feel to it. So many families and friends have turned out to watch. We are hoping to raise lots of money for such a great local cause and I’d like to thank everyone who has come along to support us.”

Fundraising totals will be announced soon.

Check out our photo galleries on FB for pictures of the day.


A big thank you to DOBIES CUMBRIA for supporting Workington’s first ever Colour Run. And thanks to pupils, parents and staff at Ashfield Infant & Nursery and Ashfield Junior School for joining forces and making it a double whammy for our Schools’ Mini Colour Run extravaganza!

Over 200 pupils, pulled on their trainers and tackled the rainbow coloured course to raise money for Hospice, get messy and have some serious fun.

Supported by a 300 strong crowd of parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and even pets – the Workington warriors battled bravely, finishing tired, but ultimately triumphant.

In total the pupils raised a fabulous £2528.90 for our cause.

“I had such a brilliant time today. I did the Colour Run last year with my grandma and I’m doing it again in July. It was so cool to have it come and happen at my school though! It meant all my friends could join in and we could all do it together. We are always learning about helping people at school and being good citizens and this was such a fun way to raise money for such a fab charity.”

Emily Johnston, aged 6, Y2 at Ashfield Infant & Nursery School

Ashfield – you were awesome!

Check out our photo galleries on FB for pictures of the day.


A big thank you to sponsors Coombe & Sharpe Landscaping Ltd for supporting Jericho Primary School’s first ever Mini Colour Run. The school field was turned from a natural green to a host of rainbow colours as over 240 pupils, teachers and parents braved the rain and tackled the 1k course.

In total the pupils raised a whopping £5,693.87 for our cause.

The children were amazing.

Shaun Monaghan, Headteacher said, “We are absolutely thrilled to be supporting Hospice at Home West Cumbria today by taking part in this innovative event. Many of our families have been touched in some way by the charity and lots of our teaching staff care deeply about the cause. Our children are always up for some excitement and fun but they are also a very caring lot and they enjoy raising money for people in need. Teaching the children to support and care for people within our immediate community is always a high priority for us and what better way to do it than through something like this? It’s been great working with Hospice and parental support has been overwhelming. It’s been fantastic to see so many pupils taking part and the huge number of parents who have come out to cheer them on.”

Check out our photo galleries on FB for pictures of the day.


Pupils at Dearham Primary School chased away grey skies to run through clouds of colour at their very own Mini Colour Run on Thursday 5 May – all in aid of Hospice at Home West Cumbria.

Pupils, parents and staff were thrilled to take part in our first Mini School Run of the year. 164 pupils aged from three to eleven all joined in, tackling the 1k course with screams of delight. Volunteers showered participants with brightly coloured powder paint at check points along the route, and the rain held off (just!).

Pupils were charged a small fee to take part and asked to raise additional sponsorship. In total the pupils raised a fantastic £1866 for our cause.

Emma Ivison, Deputy Head added, “We were very honoured to be chosen as the pilot school last year and we are thrilled to be taking part again. Some children who didn’t take part last year were devastated once they saw how much fun it was. It’s been great to offer them another chance to get involved and we’ve been delighted with how much support we’ve received from parents. Hospice at Home West Cumbria is such a fantastic charity and it has touched the lives of many of our families. It’s great to be able to give something back. We are excited to see how much we have raised.”

Dearham – you were awesome!

Check out our photo galleries on FB for pictures of the day.