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The reason why hospice at home means so much to me…

In 2009 my Granda started having some difficulty walking, this was put down to a trapped nerve in his foot to which he had corrective surgery to fix, which was unsuccessful. His symptoms gradually got worse, with a shaking tremor starting from his toe, to foot and then his leg. By this point he was in a wheelchair and diagnosed with Parkinson’s. This was later identified as a misdiagnosis, following unsuccessful treatment. During this time his condition had deteriorated to the point where he is now immobile and in need of 24/7 care. As a family we have to accept, as with many neurological conditions, we will probably never have answers.

But where does Hospice at Home West Cumbria come into this? Well after my Nana struggled on for many months without any help, becoming my Granda’s full time and sole carer (with a small family, we tried where we could but with university studies and full time work it wasn’t enough) she was exhausted and out the house only when she absolutely had to be! Not wanting to leave my Granda for very long periods of time and unable to enjoy the social life they once had- life has significantly shifted and we eventually got help. Hospice at Home provides respite care for my Nana which means she can get out the house two mornings a week, shop without worrying about my Granda, run errands, meet up for dinner with her daughter’s and grandchildren, nip to the hairdressers and simply have time to herself.

I recently graduated university and support from Hospice at Home meant my Nana was able to come away from home in the evening and enjoy a family meal all together- a meal in a restaurant now a rarity, even rarer time to sit and enjoy a meal. They even provided care for my Granda so my nana could attend her own daughters 50th birthday party- something that would never have happened without Hospice at Home West Cumbria.

With a family with a background in health care work we really appreciate the impact of holistic care. Being a full time carer for a loved one can be stressful, hard work and relentless. The amazing service Hospice at Home are providing for my family and others across West Cumbria means so much to us- my Nana describes them as a “godsend”. We are eternally grateful for the help they provide and by doing the Great North Run I hope to give back just a tiny amount of what we owe them.

Thank you Hospice at Home West Cumbria.

From Tasha Burns & Family